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Very well crafted. Packaging was good.Awaiting to find wires overhead.

A Dream Of Modelling

I like this beautiful kit and I am looking forward to complete them, so I will send you some pictures when done. Thanks and kindly regards Dan

Thank you so much Daniel. Looking forward to the photos of the finished model. Cheers!

Calcutta Tram Kit - HO Scale
Michael Ballinger

Haven't finished it yet.

Thanks Mike. Will look forward to your feedback once you finish building it.

Detailed tram model kit arrived in good condition

The Calcutta tram kit arrived in good condition. The outer box was damaged, but the inside was no problem. Thank you for your careful packing.
I am thinking to motorise it. I will investigate if one of the Aru Model’s power systems (e.g., C4012 Arupower HO-23B: can fit it.
Thanks, from Scotland

Many thanks Hiro. Once you figure out the mechanism part of it, please let us know, we will put that as product recommendations. Cheers!

excellent model

Very well made model (extremely detailed, well painted) at a great price - highly recommended. Looking forward to more variations (livery) and maybe even other types of Kolkata trams including one that resembles the current (2023) WBTC look. Satisfied customer from Germany.

Many thanks Lars! That looks awesome on your layout. We will surely bring more variety to the Calcutta tram in the coming days. Cheers!

DHR - AC Coach - OO9
Malcolm Harrison
Great quality

Really good detail easy to put together model.Arrived safely and quick delivery.

Non-motorised WAG9 Model in HO Scale (1:87)


All items are well crafted & look very really realistic, but in my opinion platform roof should have been provided.

Absolutely Amazing !

Absolutely in love with the craftmanship , and accuracy . Almost impossible to find flaws in the design. Right from the structure to the minute details like the manufacturing nameplate , absolutely perfect ! So happy and proud to see IR models of this quality .
I will say this : Its so perfect that , I can actually refer this to design my Blender 3D models instead of searching online for the real deal to get perfect angled pictures . Just as good as it gets.
Hats Off to Kaustav Chatterjee , Jeremiah Bunyan and Precision Model Works's team for their efforts . Wishing to see red beasts of WAP-4s from you guys in the future . Keep up the amazing work !
Wishing you guys all best for the future !

WAP 7 non motorised models

Purchased the WAP 7 loco earlier this week and I have to say, the quality was immaculate. The paint, little attention to detail. All of it was captured beautifully. Most importantly it was packaged really well and shipped before time.
Highly highly recommended. Rated 5/5.
Would I buy from PMW again? Yes. Looking forward to what’s in store for 2023.

Excellent experience

I received my models - WAG9 & WAP7 a couple of days back. The entire process was seamless and I received the locomotives within 2 days of dispatch.

DHR - AC Coach - OO9
Terry Maltman
Best 3D Printed Kits yet

Love these coaches. They arrived very quickly despite New Year holiday, UK postal disputes and shipping half way around the world!
Very clean prints with barely visible print lines. Complete with all necessary parts (although I will replace the wheels as recommended).
Carefully packed in a box lined with semi-rigid foam and the small parts safely in a small sealable tub. All very thoughtful.
Can't wait to build these and will certainly be ordering more.

Hoe C van.

This is my first purchase from PMW. My order came faster than I thought.(with in 11 days) Congratulations to the team.
I ordered 4 of the C type vans and they arrived well packaged for the trip. Upon opening the box 4 neatly
arranged diminuitive vans pleased my eyes.
I did not realise how small the prototype are/were.
I measured the vans, and they scale out to 12.25 feet in lenght, 6 feet in width, and 6 feet in height from the top of the coupler to the pitch of the roof. As I have no prototype drawings to compare with these are my findings.
The models themselves are very finely printed with rivet details visible along panel joints. The corrugated roofing is particularly done well with bracing and rivets.
All four models had micro holes exactly in the same location on the main body panels, top and bottom. No idea why they are there. They will have to be filled in.
Two models had the underframe slightly bent in the downward position and did not sit in the body properly.
This was corrected by placing the frame in hot water, then placing then on a flat surface with a weight on top till they cooled off.
The other issue was wheels. As these models will be run on my lay out, the recommended wheel sets for these models were/are not available at this time. Lucky I had some 7mm replacement wheels for another project which I have used in these little vans. Although not a smooth fit in the bearings, with the help of a little graphite and running the models backwards and forwards on a section of track the wheels have set in thir journal boxes very well.
The couplers are unique and I do like them, but I've not tried them out yet.
In conclusion... Other then the micro holes, these are nicely printed little models and i will be adding some additional pieces in the near future from them.

Hello Rob,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback - appreciate it. The prototype is indeed small, and in HOe they are quite small indeed. We can assure you that the dimensions are accurate as much as the scale and technology would allow and they have been validated by prominent DHR experts.

The micro holes you mentioned are actually for tiny little grab handles - here is a photo of the DHR box van and if you look closely, you can find the diagonal handles no longer than a car handle: - they are unique positioned both diagonally to the body, as well as diagonally to the door - a very nice little detail to show off on a small model.

These handles are too fine to be 3D printed unfortunately, so we have placed the tiny holes so that customers can use 0.3mm or thinner wires to replicate them. In case you do not wish to make them, simply cover them with modelling putty and paint over.

The wheels from Dundas might not be under in their MOSSKITO listing, but under their Dundas OO9 listing which you can find here:

Hope this helps and wish to see at the shop soon again. :)


WAP 7 & WAG 9 non motorized models

I was thrilled to receive both in the liveries of my favourite loco sheds. The detailing is simply superb. PMW has done a fantastic job !

Great details

Very well made. I love the detailing and the finish as well.

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful

MG Passenger Coach, HOm

Very nice clean casting with lots of fine detail. I especially liked the fine window bars. Assembly is straight-forward, although the model requires painting.

Beautiful locomotive models!!!

I purchased the standing models of wag9 and wap7 and received them last week. It looks great with high details. Very happy that someone in India is creating model locomotives for rail roading. Keep up the great work you are doing sir. And when you are adding more locomotives to your collection please do try to add old steam locomotives too as they are one of the most beautiful machines ever.

WAG9HC model - Krishnarajapuram

Packaging - It was excellent and the cardboard box that it came along with was a splendid idea to showcase the model. The box in itself is a piece that you can preserve! The soft foam inside to protect the delicate details of the model - the pantograph, the horn, the wheels, etc. were excellent! The model also doesn't weigh much and can be displayed in a bookshelf/showcase.

Detailing - Top notch materials used - be it the WAG9HC spelt in hindi, or the paint used - it is just perfect as to how you got everything right. The intrinsic details (the small springs used for the pantograph, the words "krishnarajpuram" spelt in hindi) all mimic the actual WAG9HC that you see plying on the railways network.

The frame - Quality of the metal used is very good, the wheels move.

Overall experience - 10/10

DHR - NDM6 - HOe
Aditya Mandgaonkar
NDM6....1/87 scale

Wow.....once again precision model works do the honors...and boy they did it in amazing way.... 👍I am looking forward for more such precision Indian railways models....thanks a lot PMW ❤️

MDN6 , 4mm 009 kit

I have just completed a build of the Precision model works MDN6.
On receiving the kit I thought the box/ packaging looked very professional and the box felt strong and ideal for the riggers of being posted around the world. On opening the box the contents were very nicely presented in protective foam with smaller parts contained in a nice resealable plastic box.
The quality of the 3D printed parts is second to none with a main body and cab , a chassis section designed to take a power bogie and some smaller parts including cab interior parts , doors airline hoses ect.
The kit also includes a jig for producing the grab rails and the body parts included little location marks for the drilling of the holes for the railings. The instructions very very informative and helpful and with the use of some references for such things as colours and for adding extra details , ie lock / levers for the side panels a first class model can be produced, congratulations to PMW for producing a much needed and such a high quality kit.


Lovely little model. Delivered in good time. Excellent detail. Have fitted dcc which was easy. Will send some pictures after painting

Moti Bagh HOe-ZDM4A
Aditya Mandgaonkar
Amazing narrow guage locomotive

Yet another beautifully crafted kit from my friends at PMW....the details are stunning.... more once I start building the kit😁👍🤞😬

Fantastic IR Narrow Gauge SLR coach

Perfect companion for any Indian railway narrow gauge diorama coupled with ZDM3/5. Quality of the kit were good and was fun to work on it.

Gwalior built NDM5 In HOe
Aditya Mandgaonkar
Some pics of the kit i finished

Awesome kit.....get yours before I finish them all😁😁😁😬😉