About us

Precision Model Works is a 3D printing and custom model making firm that produces models of Indian Railways in various formats. Kaustav Chatterjee (of Trains and Dioramas YouTube channel) and Jeremiah Bunyan (of Pegasus Designs and Jeremiah Bunyan Models), co-founders of this company (along with Mouli Chatterjee) have been passionate miniature model makers focusing in the world of Model Railroading, often considered as the ‘best hobby in the world,’ however has very limited presence and exposure in the Indian subcontinent. Jerry has spent his youth perfecting the skills of designing accurate 3D models of various Indian Railway locomotives and rolling stocks that can be 3D printed, whereas Kaustav has spent 15+ years learning about various techniques, technology and the artistic elements of creating hyper realistic displays with Model Trains.

The primary technology used to create these models is 3D printing technology, specifically Resin/LCD 3D printing. We offer DIY kits and fully operational model trains in DC/DCC-ready format, all focusing on Indian Railways. Along with model trains, we also have various accessories and detail parts required to build a fully functional model railway in our roadmap for 2022 and 2023.