About us

Precision Model Works is a 3D printing and custom model making firm that produces models of Indian Railways in various formats.


Kaustav Chatterjee (of Trains and Dioramas YouTube channel), his wife Mouli Chatterjee and Jeremiah Bunyan co-founded PMW in 2022. Model Railroading or Model Railway, often considered as the ‘best hobby in the world,’ has very limited presence and exposure in the Indian subcontinent and PMW aims to fill that gap by introducing accurate scale models of the Indian Railways in various formats.

Kaustav is a life-long model maker with a strong passion towards model railways. He has taught and influenced many model makers around the globe through his YouTube channel and social media and constantly promotes concepts of reaching excellence in model making. He has spent 15+ years learning about various techniques, technology and the artistic elements of creating hyper realistic displays with Model Trains. At PMW, Kaustav leads the full gamut of the business starting from product conceptualization to delivery and everything in-between.

Mouli is a multi-media artist with a vast knowledge of various artistic methods and brings an 'outsider's view' in the artistic processes at PMW. Along with that she also manages the complete administration of the firm including Finance, HR, Procurement and Fulfillment. Jeremiah Bunyan creates accurate 3D models of various Indian Railway locomotives and rolling stocks.

The primary technology used to create these models is 3D printing, often known as 'additive manufacturing', specifically Resin/LCD 3D printing. However, 3D printing is just one part of the equation and even though important, once set, it is the 'easy part.' We take pride in our beautiful paint work and leave no stone unturned to mimic the real world in miniature as closely as possible, so bulk of the effort and time goes in accurate painting and detailing of these items, majority of which is done purely by hand by trained and highly talented artists. We really aim high when it comes to quality and reach that premium spot in the world of model trains.

We offer DIY kits, display models, RTR rolling stock and fully operational model trains in DC/DCC-ready format, all focusing on Indian Railways. Along with model trains, we also offer various accessories and detail parts to build a fully detailed model train layout with a strong Indian theme.