Precision Model Works

Here, we are not just making models, we are making dreams come true! Our specialty is 'made to order' 3D printed models of Indian Railways. We offer DIY kits, and ready to run model trains, display models, and accessories all focusing on Indian Railways. Being a small business, we do not carry any inventory, everything is made to order.

We can help you make your dreams of Indian Railways models a reality!

AS OF OCTOBER 2023, WE HAVE SOLD OUT ON ALMOST ALL OUR 2023 RELEASES IN PRE-ORDER ITSELF. We are extremely thankful and grateful for all the great support and encouragement from our customers, supporters and patron. We are currently focusing on fulfilling our current commitments and we will not accept any more orders for display or RTR models till further notice, except what is already in stock or not sold out in pre-order. WE WILL CONTINUE TO ACCEPT KIT ORDERS AND UNPAINTED FIGURE ORDERS.

Check out our brand new Station Modular System

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