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Independence Day Special Model: DHR NDM6 'Swaraj' in Tri-colour livery

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We are extremely proud to launch the AMAZING 4mm scale (1:76.2, or as commonly known as OO9) models of the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railways. Considered one of the world's most famous narrow-gauge railways, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has lived through thick and thin and captures the romanticism and joy of hill railway enthusiasts across the globe to this day. Following the success of our accurately modeled DHR kit range, we are now bringing to you the fully completed versions of these beautiful miniatures that depict the modern-day DHR.

NDM6 no. 605 was repainted in a tri-color livery and rechristened as 'Swaraj' in 2022 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Independence. Our 1:76 / 4mm scale representation of 'Swaraj' replicates the typical details of the NDM6 locomotive but in this very attractive and different livery. This is a limited production run that comes with a display track (but no base or casing) and is not expected to be produced again anytime soon.

The model comes non-motorized out of the box with a display track where you can place your model to showcase your asset, it can be motorized easily and run on a layout by simply replacing the free rolling chassis with a direct replacement motorized chassis from Narrow Garage in Japan.

Our NDM6 model might be small in size but definitely packs a punch above its weight when it comes to details. This intricately detailed model faithfully recreates all key features of the real NDM6, the modern workhorse of the DHR even in that compact size.


  • Accurate details for the scale, carefully designed and crafted in consultation with leading DHR experts.
  • High contrast and beautiful paint job, lettering and details,
  • Full interior of the little NDM6 locomotive with an open door, fully detailed control desk, and cab
  • Proprietory 'D' couplers - a unique close coupling mechanism designed by us that mimics the coupling of the real DHR cars even on a small scale
  • The models are meant for display out of the box and come with plastic wheels, however, can be motorized with a 'drop-in' mechanism from Narrow Garage (Not included in our set, you need to purchase them directly from the manufacturer). If you have more questions about motorizing the locomotive, please contact us.

The models are 3d printed in high definition and professionally painted and detailed showing accurate livery and lettering. Many separately added fine details make these models special.


  • This is a limited production run with only 15 pieces being made. We are offering guaranteed delivery by 14th August anywhere in India as long as the order is confirmed before 6th August. No guaranteed delivery time for international orders.
  • All images are for display purposes only. The actual color and details will vary in the final model.
  • Any scenic details and other auxiliary details that are shown in the images are for photographic purposes and are not included.
  • NOT A TOY and is meant for adult collectors only.
  • Minor assembly required by the customer: To protect the fine details from damage during shipping, some separately added details might be sent unassembled and will require the customer to add them to the model. These would be very minor assembly and all you would need is a pair of tweezers and some super glue.
  • Expect 3D printing artifacts: These are 3D printed models and despite our best efforts it is impossible to avoid some print lines and 3D printing artifacts. The details parts are also expected to be fragile and are not expected to survive rough handling. These are NOT considered defects.
  • Limited Warranty: Products have a limited warranty against manufacturing defects only. A manufacturing defect is considered a defect that severely impairs the functionality of the model and one that has gone undetected in our quality check process BEFORE the model is shipped to the customer. For such defects, we will provide a free replacement of the impaired part(s) of the model subject to the customer providing sufficient evidence against the claim. For any shipping-related damage and subsequent issue handling the customer's claim will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to our shipping and return policy for further details.
  • PMW reserves the right to make any design and paint scheme changes as necessary for the viability of the production.

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Frequently asked questions:


What in included in the 'KIT' ?

The DIY kits have 3D printed components. Includes all detail parts and appropriate decals and jigs where applicable. Assembly and painting required.

Can I motorise the locos?

Some of the locos are designed in a way that can be made totally operable. For any particular locomotive, details are provided in the product description.

You have the flexibility to make a display model or a motorized model depending on your skills to convert them into a running model. 

We suggest using the recommended motors for the optimum performance.


What sort of wheels do I get?

By default, all of the kits except some of the locomotives contain 3D printed wheels. For the locomotives that are meant to be motorised, no wheels are included in the regular kit.

For the rolling stock, 3D printed wheels are included, however, please note that the 3D printed wheels are good for display only and will not be suitable for running the models in a layout. Please use suitable plastic or metal wheelsets available to you. Wherever possible we have provided our recommendations in the product description.

Who this is for?

The kit is the most reasonable offering with a lot of flexibility for customisation - for the modeler in you, this might be the right way to start your Indian Railways model making journey.


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