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Peco is one of the most renowned names in the Model Railway industry. With over 77 years of excellence and innovation, Peco has set a bar that is quite difficult to top. The original 'track specialists' in the Model Railway world, their Streamline series of easy-to-use yet robust tracks have been a go-to for enthusiasts for last over 60 years. Below is a short video showing Peco's long lasting legacy in the Model Train hobby.


Precision Model Works is proud to bring Peco products to the Indian market. The legacy and commonality between the British and the Indian Railway systems (for obvious reasons!) make it very easy to use Peco's various track offerings in a pure Indian setting, both old and new. While their more user-friendly and beginner range of Setrack can get you going in a jiffy, their concrete flex track system can faithfully replicate any modern Indian Railways scene with unparallel authenticity.

Below you can find the complete catalogue of Peco Model Railway products as of 2023. We are proud to bring the following range of Peco products to our customers:

  • Peco Setrack: The easiest way to get started with building a Model Railway is to perhaps start with Peco's Setrack range. These Code 100 tracks are robust and can be used for both permanent or semi-permanent layouts.
  • Peco Streamline: The most expansive and varied range of Model Train tracks that you can find! Mix of various codes (83, 80, 75, 70 and 55) and various scales (Z to G), you can find any track components that you can think of in this range.
  • Peco 'Lectric: Focused on electrical and basic electronics components, Peco 'Lectric range provides one of the easiest ways to get started with remote control, automation and animation in any DC or DCC layout
  • Peco Publication: Model Railways is a knowledge heavy hobby and it is often difficult to know where to start, but Peco has you covered there too! Their 'Show you How' series of booklets are an inexpensive, yet very targeted way to learn about various aspects of building a Model Railway. The best part? You do not have to buy everything at once - the booklets are arranged to aid various stages of building a layout and you pick the ones that are most applicable for your current stage of building a layout. Their complete guides and set track plans are also great references that any model railway enthusiast must keep handy.

If you are interested in any of the Peco products that you find in the catalogue but not in our collection, please use the form on the side to submit a request. This will help curate Peco products that our customers want and are more suitable for modelling Indian Railways. If the form is not sufficient, please feel free to send an email to

Precision Model Works is an authorized reseller of Peco Model Railway products in India.

Access Peco Catalogue Digitally

Peco's catalogue is not just a mere collection of products and codes - it's a treasure trove of Model Railway information! We are extremely privileged to present a completely digital version of their catalogue exclusively for PMW's customers. Going through the pages of this catalogue itself is a treat.