Precision Model Works

Here, we are not just making models, we are making dreams come true! Our specialty is 'made to order' 3D printed models of Indian Railways. We offer DIY kits, and ready to run model trains, display models, and accessories all focusing on Indian Railways. Being a small business, we do not carry any inventory, everything is made to order.

We can help you make your dreams of Indian Railways models a reality!

Introducing HO-BG

We are introducing a BRAND NEW concept to Model Railroading, representing Broad Gauge in HO Scale accurately, called HO-BG, represented with a blue tag in our products. We are committed to accuracy and passionate about scale modelling, so we want to see the rise of true broad gauge modelling in HO Scale. We are starting with a display version of two lovely WDM2 locomotives that have wheel gauge set to 19mm (actually 18.83, but we are keeping it simple to start with). If you are passionate about representing IR the way it should be, definitely give this concept some love because only through your active participation, we can build a product line that are developed on a whole new standard.

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Check out our brand new Station Modular System

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