PMW Pre-order Terms and Conditions

The customer understands that a 'pre-order' or a 'booking' for a model train item is essentially paying for the product in advance, in full or in part, as per the options provided by Precision Model Works LLP ('the firm') for a particular product. The customer understands that the items are NOT IN STOCK at the time of placing this order and will take considerable amount of time for the firm to complete the production and dispatch the items. With this understanding, the customer agrees to the following:

  • The estimated delivery/dispatch time is what it says - 'an estimate.' While the firm will do everything in its power to ensure the production concludes on time and the customers who have placed 'pre-orders' receive their items before the items are released for retail sale, the firm neither guarantees nor warrants that it will be able to meet those timelines. Model Train production is a complex process with many variables and at times there might be instances where delays are not within the control of the firm. Under those conditions a delay might be inevitable and the customer understands and agrees to 'wait' till the completion of the project.
  • The firm will be responsible to inform the customers who have placed a 'pre-order' or 'booking' of any potential delays and provide a revised timeline to the best of its ability.
  • The advance/booking amount paid (either in full or in part) is NON-REFUNDABLE. The customer understands that in the event of any delay the advance cannot be claimed back, and the firm is under no obligation to refund the amount or pay any interest whatsoever on the booking amount for any unforeseen delays in the project.
  • Customers who opt for a payment plan understands that the full payment must be completed on or before the last day of the payment OR before the order is dispatched (for which the firm is responsible to notify the customer in writing), whichever is earlier. In the event the customer is not able to complete the payment, a request can be made to the firm to provide a grace period and the firm at its discretion might provide a grace period of up to 15 days.
  • In the event the customer is not able to complete the payment even after providing the grace period, the customer understands that the non-refundable booking amount will not be returned to the customer and his 'pre-order' will stand cancelled and the product that he has booked can be sold to another customer. However, the firm, at its discretion, will consider providing the customer with another product equal to the booking amount paid, or provide store credit for future use.

By placing this order and making the payment, the customer agrees to the above terms and conditions. If the customer is not comfortable with any of these terms and conditions, the firm strongly recommends to refrain from placing the 'pre-order'/booking and wait for the production to complete and purchase the product on retail.