3D Printing Tech

3D Printing Artisan/Technician

Number of positions: 1

Position Current Status: Open

Full time role. 24 days a month, working on-site. No work from home

Location: Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

3D Printing Artisan/Technician will be responsible to handle various 3D printing and model making activities. The person MUST be able to handle intricate and delicate plastic parts, must have fine motor skills, patience and ability to problem solve in a real time environment. It is also important to point out that this person will do repetitive work on a daily basis and must have the mental and emotional ability to handle mundane work yet produce high quality output every single time – every mistake and error will cause a loss to the firm and this person must have the sense of accountability to maintain a quality mindset despite doing the same thing over and over again. Main responsibilities will include:

  • Planning: We run 3D printers in production mode and the person handling 3D printing must be able to independently plan to print all components in a product in a various batches as per the production plan given by the management.
  • Pre-processing: Must evaluate and understand various components of each product, add appropriate support for each model in the slicing software, slice models with accurate printer and resin profile.
  • Managing 3D printing process:
    • Remove 3D printed parts from 3D printers following standard methods and tools. The person MUST be following all personnel health and safety precautions prescribed for each stage diligently.
    • Remove supports from intricate, delicate and functional 3D printed parts, components and models without causing any damage to the printed parts. This is the key part of the job which will require meticulous planning, patience and ability to understand how support structures work in a model and how to separate them without causing damage to the main print. Real time problem solving is key.
    • Cleaning and post processing of 3D printed parts
  • Pre-production activities:
    • Provide finishing to all printed parts so that they are ready for painting and/or assembly. Activities will include:
      • Fine sanding, correcting printing defects, provide superior surface finish on all printed parts.
      • For parts that are required for functional assembly, ensuring they are within the acceptable tolerance range. Any pre-processing required must be handled carefully to maintain functional integrity of the parts.
    • Cataloguing and arranging production ready parts as per the prescribed production batch process in their designated container/area
    • Coordinate with Painting and/or Assembly Artisan/Technician to make sure all parts are ready for their consumption
  • Assembly and Quality Check:
    • Work with designers and creators to understand the final product and the assembly steps
    • Assemble multiple finished parts that go through complex assembly process
    • Document and create assembly instructions for new productions
    • Ensuring all assembled and final models go through a thorough QC process as per the standard set by the organization to ensure only quality products pass through to the customer

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Must have demonstrated ability to do fine work with his/her hands. Must be nimble with handling of fine parts, have fine motor skills and ability to understand complex structures in 3 dimensions
  • Any hands-on artisanal or craft experience that deals with fine, repetitive work
  • Mental steadiness to be able to do repetitive work every day without compromising quality of the output
  • Experience with any of the following is a BIG plus:
    • 3D printing
    • Miniature/Model making (architectural or otherwise)

Language and Education:

  • Must be fluent in speaking and understanding any two of these languages: Hindi, English, Telugu or Bengali
  • Must have decent writing/typing skills in English
  • Minimum educational qualification: 10th grade/High School

 Please send your resume to: info@precisionmodelworks.co.in