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Water Filling Pipe STARTER Kit | HO Scale

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A great way to build an HO-scale scene depicting an Indian Railway station - made to depict Broad Gauge stations, this kit bundle can be used for some Metre Gauge stations scenes too.

How to build the kit:

  • You will get 9 pieces of 3D-printed water-filling pipe with typical details seen on an Indian Railway station
  • This kit includes 2 end pieces and 7 intermediate pieces, making a 28 inches long water-filling pipe that aligns with our Platform STARTER Kit.
  • The pipes get attached through a peg and a hole alignment at each section. YOu need to glue them straight, ensuring the pillars are perpendicular.
  • Before installing you need to paint your fence in the appropriate color of your choice.
  • We recommend using an 8 to 10-mm wide strip of sun board/HIP board/styrene/cardboard, properly painted in concrete texture as the base where you glue the pipes.
Expanding your platform fence:
  • Our EXPANSION kit contains only the 'B' sections of the water-filling pipe. It is meant to be an ADD-ON to our Water Filling Pipe Starter Kit to make longer water-filling pipes to accompany longer stations. You can make a 28-inch long section of pipe using this kit and insert them in between a starter kit to build a complete 56-inch long section (or any length between 28 to 56 inches.

To represent any length of complete water-filling pipe, you need ONLY ONE STARTER KIT, and then as many expansion kits as you need for the length you desire.

Our kits are 'made-to-order' - meaning we will start 3D printing once we receive the full payment from you and your order is confirmed. It takes anywhere between 14 to 21 days to print, post-process, pack and dispatch our kits.

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Frequently asked questions:


What in included in the 'KIT' ?

The DIY kits have 3D printed components. Includes all detail parts and appropriate decals and jigs where applicable. Assembly and painting required.

Can I motorise the locos?

Some of the locos are designed in a way that can be made totally operable. For any particular locomotive, details are provided in the product description.

You have the flexibility to make a display model or a motorized model depending on your skills to convert them into a running model. 

We suggest using the recommended motors for the optimum performance.


What sort of wheels do I get?

By default, all of the kits except some of the locomotives contain 3D printed wheels. For the locomotives that are meant to be motorised, no wheels are included in the regular kit.

For the rolling stock, 3D printed wheels are included, however, please note that the 3D printed wheels are good for display only and will not be suitable for running the models in a layout. Please use suitable plastic or metal wheelsets available to you. Wherever possible we have provided our recommendations in the product description.

Who this is for?

The kit is the most reasonable offering with a lot of flexibility for customisation - for the modeler in you, this might be the right way to start your Indian Railways model making journey.


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