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HO Station kit MEGA BUNDLE: 60" long, 2 platforms with details, 25% Savings

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Save 25% by purchasing this bundle instead of purchasing individual kits, but continue to take advantage of our highly flexible, modular design.

A great way to build an HO-scale scene depicting an Indian Railway station - made to depict Broad Gauge stations, this kit bundle can be used for some Metre Gauge stations scenes too.

FREE TEXTURES ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON THIS PRODUCT PAGE. Download as much as you want to make a station as big as you want. These are also suitable for modeling other scenes too.

BUNDLE includes:

  1. 2 X Platform Starter kit. Each kit can make a platform that is 30 inches long, with ramps. 3 different platform textures are available as a  FREE DOWNLOAD.
  2. 2 X Platform Extension Kit: It's the same as the starter kit, except, instead of the ramps, you have 2 straight edges allowing you to slot them 'in-between' a starter kit and make longer platforms.  1 Starter kit and 1 extension kit make a 60 inches long platform, so with this, you can make a 2-platform station that is overall 60 inches long.
  3. 1 X Water Filling Pipe Starter kit. Make a 28 inches long water-filling pipe to be placed between the tracks.
  4. 1 X Water Filling Pipe Extension kitMake a 28-inch long water-filling pipe section that can be slotted 'in-between' a starter water-filling pipe kit, making a total of 56 inches long water-filling pipe that goes in between the tracks.
  5. 4 X Platform Canopy kitMakes two, 11 inches long platform canopies, for the two platforms. Corrugated roof texture is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD
  6. 2 X Platform Fence Starter kitMakes fencing for the two platforms, each 30 inches long.
  7. 2 X Platform Fence Extension Kit30 inches long sections each that can be slotted 'in-between' the starter fence kit to make 60 inches long sections for each of the platforms.
  8. 2 X Station Detailing KitsContaining:
    1. 4 Station Name Boards
    2. 4 Drinking Water Fountains
    3. 4 Benches
    4. 2 Platform Signage cards
    5. Station Names of fictitious stations 


    Platform Paving - Concrete Tiles

    Platform Paving - Interlocking Bricks (Large)

    Platform Paving - Interlocking Bricks (Medium)

    Platform Paving - Interlocking Bricks (Small)

    Corrugated Sheet Texture

    Our kits are 'made-to-order' - meaning we will start 3D printing once we receive the full payment from you and your order is confirmed. It takes anywhere between 14 to 21 days to print, post-process, pack and dispatch our kits.

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    Frequently asked questions:


    What in included in the 'KIT' ?

    The DIY kits have 3D printed components. Includes all detail parts and appropriate decals and jigs where applicable. Assembly and painting required.

    Can I motorise the locos?

    Some of the locos are designed in a way that can be made totally operable. For any particular locomotive, details are provided in the product description.

    You have the flexibility to make a display model or a motorized model depending on your skills to convert them into a running model. 

    We suggest using the recommended motors for the optimum performance.


    What sort of wheels do I get?

    By default, all of the kits except some of the locomotives contain 3D printed wheels. For the locomotives that are meant to be motorised, no wheels are included in the regular kit.

    For the rolling stock, 3D printed wheels are included, however, please note that the 3D printed wheels are good for display only and will not be suitable for running the models in a layout. Please use suitable plastic or metal wheelsets available to you. Wherever possible we have provided our recommendations in the product description.

    Who this is for?

    The kit is the most reasonable offering with a lot of flexibility for customisation - for the modeler in you, this might be the right way to start your Indian Railways model making journey.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    shirish shah
    HO station kit

    It's good and detailed.

    Ravi Ramakantan
    Could have been more complete

    Though I was aware, after receiving the package, I was disappointed that the base material dnd the roof material is not included (I KNEW THIS BEFOREHAND)
    Also the texture material should be supplied. Many people do not have printers at home and then have to run around..

    At 8K rupees, this is way too expensive.

    I must say that the packaging is very well and professionally done.

    Hi Ravi, thank you for your feedback and we will definitely look into the way to make this kit better. Just one small correction - the kit is actually 7000 rupees and not 8000.

    The reason for not including the textures is because we want the modeler to explore the possibilities of creating authentic Indian scenes and not limited by one choice or even our choice. Moreover, different modelers have different modeling needs and available space, including the textures will almost always not match that requirements. However, we will look into options to balance both the needs and see how we can make the experience better.

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