Electronics and Model Assembly Technician

Electronics and Model Assembly Technician

Number of positions: 1

Position Current Status: OPEN

Full time role. 24 days a month, working on-site. No work from home

Location: Hyderabad.

The electronics and assembly technician will be responsible for the complete assembly of electric/electronic models, including highly precision electro-mechanical models and components. The incumbent will be responsible for:

  • Assembling miniature gearboxes and drive mechanisms
  • Assembling electro-mechanical components, like motors and actuators
  • Installing electronics components, including various sizes of PCBs and LEDs
  • Aiding in designing PCBs required for different products – provide hands-on feedback on internal space management of products that can result in efficient and quick installations that optimizes assembly time
  • Performing thorough quality check of each assembled products for accurate working as per the set parameters

It is also important to point out that this person will do repetitive work on a daily basis and must have the mental and emotional ability to handle mundane work yet produce high quality output every single time – every mistake and error will cause a loss to the firm and this person must have the sense of accountability to maintain a quality mindset despite doing the same thing over and over again.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Demonstrated ability to assemble complex electro-mechanical components like robots and advanced toys
  • Must understand working of gears clearly and how to troubleshoot mechanical issues related to gears
  • Must have excellent soldering skills and experience of soldering small and fine components quickly. The incumbent will be soldering electrical/electronics components in close proximity or sometimes in contact with plastic so top-notch soldering skills is a must
  • Must understand basics of electronics and should be able to design and build simple electronic circuit
  • 1+ years of experience working with /repairing /assembling robots, drones, advanced electro-mechanical toys or clocks/watches

Language and Education:

  • Must be fluent in speaking and understanding any two of these languages: Hindi, English, Telugu or Bengali
  • Must have decent writing/typing skills in English
  • Minimum educational qualification: 12th grade/High School

About us:

Precision Model Works is a young startup and we manufacture Model Trains and scale models - a unique collectibles for serious hobbyists and adult collectors around the globe. We started our journey in May 2022 and we are having a good feeling about where we are in little shy of two years so we are now doubling down to grow and create some AMAZING products and some very niche services. At Precision Model Works you will find a mish-mash of hard core precision engineering and fluid creativity of artistic expression - we create and manufacture at the same time, we research and develop new products with some very ambitious goals while also preserving history of the Indian Railways in miniature that is emotionally fulfilling for many of our clients. One very common feedback that we have received from many of our clients is, 'you have given me my childhood back!' So, if you want to be part of a unique venture that deals with art, history and creativity yet uses high end tools, technology and processes everyday, then PMW is the place to be. And yes, it would benefit a great deal if you have a thing for trains... or miniatures... or even toys!

 Please send your resume to: info@precisionmodelworks.co.in